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Care Plus and Midge Magic repellents for midges, mosquitoes and ticks.

The Care Plus repellent range has a Natural spray which is an extremely effective repellent against midges, mosquitoes, sandflies and leeches, and it's safe for adults and kids from 3 months old. There is also a Deet spray and a Sensitive one. They are fully compliant with EU regulations.

 midge repellent spray

Lemon eucalyptus has been extensively tested under field conditions in Tanzania, Malaysia, Bolivia - and most importantly against biting Scottish midges! It's highly recommended as a midge repellent.

The Natural repellent is made from Citriodol®, a lemon eucalyptus extract which smells fresh and very pleasant, except to the midge! It's clinically proven, 10 hour lasting, Child Friendly, and Skin kind. All the products are recommended for adults and children from 3 months. As well as Citriodol, the Care Plus natural spray contains Aqua, Isopropyl Alchol and Alcohol Denatured. For more information, we'll be adding a page with full label info.

Totally Herby of Scotland are an official distributor for the Care Plus Natural range of repellents, the world's most widely used and successful natural insect repellent. It's deet-free.

As well as the Natural repellents, we also sell the Care Plus Deet repellent, and the Sensitive one with Saltidin. Both are chemicals, but both have their fans.

 midge magic repellent spray, also as lotion  tick repellent lotion also as a spray
We used to sell our own natural midge repellent, Stop Bite, made with bog myrtle, but now sell repellents made with Citriodol, an extract of lemon eucalyptus. They're made in Scotland, and there's Midge Magic and Tick Magic, the names speak for themselves! They come in a pump spray or a lotion and are 75 mls in size. Midge Magic has the scent of bog myrtle, and Tick Magic is also very pleasant smelling. They're highly effective and suitable for kids. We started selling them to shops around Scotland last year and they were very successful with great feedback.

 the Full Midge Monty bag -
 2 herbal sprays and a net Our Full Midge Monty bag has a bottle of Care Plus Natural repellent spray, Itch Ease after bite and our own design and manufacture midge head net "The Stopper". The net, midge hood or midge hat as it's also called, is available in black, white, green, stone, blue or pink. It's made in Scotland from ultrafine mesh.
The full midge monty is a very popular gift for walkers, climbers, fishers, and everyone who ventures outdoors in midgy weather. It saves over £3 on buying all three products, and you get a free bag!

 Midge candles made with citronella,
 lavender or bog myrtle essential oils We no longer make citronella, bog myrtle or lavender midge candles due to EU biocidal products regulations, but for sitting around outside on a calm evening, our citronella, lavender and bog myrtle Outdoor candles are just the job. The 3 inch pillar candles weigh about 330 grams, and burn up to 40 hours. These are NOT inferior dipped candles, the colour and oils is solid throughout. We manufacture our candles in Ayrshire in Scotland, with high quality oils, wax and wicks.
 Midge candles made with citronella,
 lavender or bog myrtle essential oils For walkers, campers and backpackers, our midge candles can also be had in a compact size in a tin. Our tin is around 65 mm wide by 25 mm thick, and weighs 75 grams. They can burn for up to 12 hours, and also come in citronella, bog myrtle or lavender scents.

For more information about midges, check out our Scottish midge pages.
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Prices (in GB Pounds) valid for at least 1 month
Care Plus natural insect repellent spray, 60ml   £7.99
Care Plus Deet chemical repellent spray, 60ml   £7.99
Care Plus Saltidin chemical repellent spray, 60ml   £7.99
Midge Magic natural insect repellent spray, 75ml   £7.99
Midge Magic natural insect repellent lotion, 75ml   £7.99
Full Midge Monty - Repellent, Itch & Net   £19.95
Midge candle - 3 inch pillar 40 hour   £8.99
Compact midge candle in a tin - 10 hour   £5.00
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Shops and outlets around Scotland, Wales and the Lake District and other parts of England sell our anti midge products. From village shops and post offices, to camp sites, caravan sites and holiday parks. From pharmacies and health shops, to garden centres and visitor centres, farm shops, fishing, golf and other outdoor shops, hardware stores, petrol stations, tea and coffee shops, hotels and guest houses, marinas and activity centres.

Shops: check out the Midge repellent trade page.
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